Friday, 17 August 2012

Czech this out

Sorry for the TERRIBLE PUN use in the subject of this post. I rather overused it in the past couple of months as we gallivanted through Bohemia at the end of June. We spent a few days in Prague in some pretty extreme heat, meaning we took a fairly slow approach involving a lot of sitting in parks and cafes with cold drinks. Having visited Prague several times before and being pretty familiar with the city, this suited us just fine.


Overjoyed by the weather on our first night there...we headed out to a little veggie restaurant called Maitrea, which was a great choice with fresh, interesting and supercheap food, and even a Buddhist retreat upstairs!


We made our way up to the Loreta the following day, after a hot, slow walk from our hotel (via brunch at Bohemia Bagel, OBV). This was followed by a stroll on Petrin Hill, in the cooling shade of the trees, and taking in the views over the city.


Then to St Vitus Cathedral and Prague Castle, before back to the hotel for a rest and a shower. The evening was spent eating at Lehka Hlava (the sister restaurant of Maitrea and even better - very welcoming and atmospheric), and reliving my 21st birthday with a martini (me) and mojito (Mark) at Café Savoy. We couldn't remember the exact table we sat at, and they had moved things around a little, but I think we got it about right! Note the tree behind me is still there, as is the bucket in the bottom left!

Aged 21....June 2005.

Aged 28....June 2012.
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