Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Weekend voyaging

Had a nice little weekend away in Cambridgeshire on the farm at the weekend, primarily to celebrate Mark's dad's 60th Birthday! Daytime ambles through the Backs and the shops all twinkling with Christmas lights, and evenings in front of the fire (although it did spring a leak and try to smoke us out at one point - not quite so cosy!)

Mulled Wine

I also fulfilled a LIFELONG AMBITION (sort of) of drinking mulled wine in the fireplace nook at The Eagle. The Eagle does the Best Mulled Wine and we always try to get in the nook but it's always got people sitting in. BUT all of a sudden it was empty! RESULT!


Looking forward to another wee trip to my hometown Bristol next weekend, and my mummy's 60th Birthday which means a special secret treat on Friday!

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