Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Merry Christmas !!!

I thought I'd take some time out from my supremely lazy Boxing Day schedule of eating and lazing to come online and wish everyone a happy Christmas in retrospect! I hope everyone had a lovely day full of cheer and warmth.

We are down on Mark's family's farm in Cambridgeshire enjoying a bit of a break, although it has turned out to be a busy few days in their own right, with shopping trips and much baking. We even cooked a vegetarian Christmas dinner for the family, which went rather well if I may say so myself, and I will bring you more about that shortly!

The Big Smoke

I finished work last Thursday, so on Friday we took ourselves into London for the day. We began with my now traditional stop-off at the British Library - I love arriving into King's Cross/St Pan because the Library has brilliant coffee and always has something worth looking at on display. This time around, they had Jack Kerouac's manuscript scroll, which he later turned into On the Road.

Now I am not really a beat-fan, and I must admit that On the Road is one of the only books I have ever tried to read that I just had to give up on without finishing. I just couldn't get it. But that aside, the scroll was pretty cool and interesting in it's own right. And the Library's coffee was excellent as always.

The rest of the day was spent lunching at Koya in Soho, which was tasty, followed by a lengthy trip round Liberty Department Store!


I had never been before but oh my! I loved it! Next year I will do all my shopping there! My sister, Becca, came to meet us and we had a good look round, and even did some big-name celeb spotting! My provincial-self was far too excited but Bec was all "oh you see famous people all the time in London". Haha.

We spent the afternoon ambling in Camden, before dinner at Pizza East in Kentish Town, and then back to Camden for a quick red wine in the Hawley Arms (no celebs) before the late train home...

...with a little souvenir in tow!


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